Beautiful poly moments

It’s #3’s birthday today, and we celebrated on the weekend. One of the things I love about her is that she’s so open about her relationships with her friends, just like I am. Friday night was bar night, and her #2 (who was supposed to be out of town until December) paid her a surprise visit (that began with him arriving in the morning while she was out running errands, and so she came home to find a naked man in her bed).

So one gift that I was working on for her was a sculpted wolf picture frame (3 wolves, representing myself, her, and her #2), and a picture of her #2 and I… which was the tricky part, because no such picture exists. I spent a large chunk of Friday using GIMP to create a picture out of 3 other photos (one for him, one for me, and one for a nice background). Wrapped it up and tagged it as being from both of her guys, and she was extremely happy with it, showing it off to everybody who was there at the time.

Two of her friends came in to the bar late, and missed seeing that gift. They’d met me earlier in the year, but did not know about her #2. I had to leave the party early, and was saying my goodbyes, and her one friend gave her a puzzled look and said, “He’s leaving without you? How are you getting home? You’ve had a lot to drink.”

She replied, “He’s got to go back to his house,” pointing at #2, “He’s taking me home tonight.”

More puzzled look.

“Yes, I’m dating both of them. They’re both good with it.”


Two happy poly moments for the price of one:

  1. Getting to change people’s perceptions
  2. Having somebody else around to take care of one of my loves when I can’t do it myself.

~ by polywolf on 2009/11/23.

5 Responses to “Beautiful poly moments”

  1. Hi there
    I’ve scheduled this for inclusion in the Happy Poly Moment segment in the Polyweekly show. I hope you don’t mind. If you’d rather we didn’t include it, please email me. And shall I quote you as “polywolf” or would you like to use another name?

    • Thanks! I appreciate your letting me know. You can quote me as either “polywolf” or “polyamorwolf” (as I am known on Gmail and Twitter)

  2. “Yes, I’m dating both of them. They’re both good with it.”

    God, can we make t-shirts please?

    oh, and I responded to your comment.


    • I’ll have to spend some time making that t-shirt, since there seems to be a market for it. 🙂
      And thanks for letting me know about your reply. I forgot to check the box for reply notifications…

  3. Fantastic! I loved hearing this polywolf. Moments like this, even though not mine, are what makes it worthwhile and can keep you going during the difficult times. Thank you so much for sharing.

    And I’ll take one of those t-shirts, as well.

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